Change starts with one decision, one choice, one day. Now the potential of 37 such days! Our #37DaysChallenge is a program centralized around the idea of pushing you to your limits, building strength, confidence, and discipline. We do this by reinforcing positive lifestyle adaptations like a good nutrition plan, a challenging workout regime, and constant guidance and accountability. With #37DaysChallenge, you will rediscover your relationship with physical health! After all, to transform, you must challenge yourself!
Why #37DaysChallenge
Although fitness is a broad concept with multifaceted meanings, a sense of general well-being is something we all desire. With the #37DaysChallenge, the aim is to put a positive lifestyle regime in motion. To change, one must first know what works and what doesn’t. The #37DaysChallenge aims to educate and motivate you so that you find yourself a step closer to your future ideal health and fitness.
Personal Training Sessions
With the #37DaysChallenge, the central idea is to utilize your training time effectively. With our one-on-one personal training sessions, you will be guided on the correct exercise forms so that you can minimize the injury risk and maximize your stamina, endurance, and physical fitness. Our trainers, with their keen eye, will mentor you step by step to ensure that there’s a healthy and sustainable synergy between your body and the workout regime. It’s time to unleash your true potential!
Nutrition Plan
If fitness is a destination, then nutrition is the fuel that pushes the car. A good nutrition plan is irrevocably important for achieving your health goals. After a thorough consultation call, our certified nutritionists will curate a plan for you that is sustainable, easy to cook, and delicious, with the ingredients at hand! Points of concern like your medical history, nutritional deficiencies, food allergies, and preferences, along with your available time for cooking will be considered while building your nutrition regime.Strong follow up of every meal make sure you are on the correct track.
Fitness Starts with Accountability
Within any given 24 hours of the day, observe the time you allocate towards your health. Apart from your workout and meal cooking durations, fitness becomes a distant concept at the back of your mind. This is where we take charge; we will hold you accountable for every hour, every meal so you do not deter from your goals no matter how intimidating they seem. Think of us as your live-in mentors where will help you to help yourself.
Positive Lifestyle
Circle these words, print them somewhere in your mind. Fitness cannot be a realistic goal unless lifestyle is taken into consideration. The #37DaysChallenge will help you to tweak your eating habits and activity levels; once you reinforce a positive lifestyle adaptation, your every goal shines on the horizon. A day at a time, with our guidance – winning is not just a possibility, but a reality.
Our Fitness Plans
  • Nutrition follow up
  • 15 Personal training sessions
  • Nutrition follow up
  • 39 Personal training sessions
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