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Change starts with one decision, one choice, one day. Know the potential of 37 such days! Our #37DaysChallenge is a program centralized around the idea of pushing you to your limits, building strength, confidence, and discipline. We do this by reinforcing positive lifestyle adaptations like a good nutrition plan, a challenging workout regime, and constant guidance and accountability. With #37DaysChallenge, you will rediscover your relationship with your physical health! After all, to transform, you must challenge yourself!
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Online and offline personal training sessions to ensure that your workouts are effective with thorough attention to form, technique, breathing, endurance, and recovery.
Diet plans curated by certified nutritionists based on your food preferences, dietary requirements, deficiencies, metabolic conditions, and other lifestyle disorder like hypertension, diabetes, etc. with a strong follow up system we make sure everything is followed to the core.
We, at Fitnesstalks believe that the body is the greatest alarm clock as well as a reminder. Our health professionals will reinstall your body clock so that in the longer run, you establish healthy and timely eating, sleeping, and workout patterns. This will enable you to manage your energy flow and have a better grasp of your health as well as schedule.
Frequently asked questions
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Ideally, getting a gym membership could give you access to all the tools you need for a great workout. But if that's not something you're considering right now, don't worry! Our coach can help you out by suggesting a simple list of basic equipment you can use at home to kickstart your fitness journey.
Nonetheless, if securing equipment or a gym membership isn't feasible at this moment, rest assured, we've got a solution. We'll design workouts based on the resources you have available at home. While this may involve some adjustments, it's important to keep in mind that as your fitness journey progresses, you might naturally have to gravitate toward incorporating home equipment or considering a gym membership to continue advancing. We're here to guide you every step of the way!
Upon enrolling, we facilitate a consultation call connecting you with your dedicated coach. This dialogue serves as an opportunity to delve into your goals, prevailing considerations, potential constraints, medical history, allergies, and lifestyle preferences. Through this comprehensive conversation, a tailored dietary regimen is meticulously crafted, integrating the multifaceted elements outlined.
It's pivotal to recognize that the degree of dietary constraints is contingent upon two pivotal elements: firstly, your specific objectives, and secondly, any preexisting medical conditions or allergies you may have. If circumstances warrant a notably restrictive dietary protocol, particularly driven by your medical context, we will ensure you are apprised of this prior to finalizing your enrollment. This ensures a transparent and informed decision-making process. Your health and satisfaction remain our paramount priorities throughout this journey.
Your diet will primarily be centred around protein, which is fantastic for your goals. Now, since everyone's needs are unique, their diets will reflect that. We'll tailor your plan to your specific requirements, so your food choices and even supplements might vary.
No worries, though – we won't throw any exotic curveballs your way. While the focus is on protein, we might include some less common items, but nothing too outlandish. The goal is to make your diet work for you, helping you achieve your objectives while keeping things practical and doable. Your journey is all about you, and we're here to ensure it's as smooth as possible!
The 37DaysProgram isn't your typical transformation challenge – think of it more as your fitness journey's first step. It's all about kickstarting your path and setting you up for long-term success.
Now, let's talk numbers. We can't promise a specific weight loss amount. Everyone's body reacts differently to diet and training, and various medical conditions and situations play a role too. So, the final weight loss after the 37DaysProgram varies.
Our main aim here is to help you embrace the process, become stronger, fitter, and healthier overall. It's not just about shedding pounds; it's about creating a positive and sustainable lifestyle change. We're here to guide you through the journey and make it something you truly enjoy and benefit from in the long run.
After the 37DaysProgram, there are some great options moving forward:
You can seamlessly transition to our continuation programs, like the 97DaysProgram or the 6 Months Program. These allow you to keep progressing under our guidance and support.
Now, for those who decide to explore beyond us, here's the scoop: You can absolutely maintain the progress you've achieved – whether it's fat loss or strength gains. The key is sticking to the protocols and guidance your coach provided during the 37DaysProgram.
Let's keep it real – your journey with us involved positive changes in your lifestyle. To maintain these gains, it's important to carry forward those changes. If you slip back into old habits, naturally, things might regress. It's all about choices. You can either continue independently, following the lifestyle changes we initiated, or you can opt for a more personalized approach by sticking with our guidance.
Remember, your progress is a reflection of the choices you make. Whether you continue solo or with our support, the path to a better, fitter self is in your hands. We're here to help you stay on track and maintain that awesome progress you've worked so hard for!
The 37DaysProgram is all about setting the stage for a comprehensive fitness journey. Here's what you need to know:
Think of the 37DaysProgram as your starting point, not just a quick transformation challenge. Our goal is to initiate your journey and equip you with the know-how for the long haul.
This program covers it all – not just physical fitness, but your overall well-being. You'll have a Personal Trainer for tailored workouts, a nutritionist to guide your eating choices, plus two sessions with a mental health expert to address any psychological aspects.
Our services cater to a wide spectrum of individuals, from youngsters to homemakers, working professionals, and even athletes. Whether it's boosting general fitness or meeting specific needs or sport-oriented training, we've got you covered.
Ultimately, our suite of services is open to anyone striving to elevate their health and fitness game. It's all about progressing from where you are to where you want to be, and we're here to guide you every step of the way!.
The use of a whey protein supplement isn't mandatory. It might be suggested if your daily protein intake from food falls short of what your coach recommends. If you're comfortably meeting your protein goals through your diet, there's no need to invest in a whey protein supplement.
Micronutrients like specific vitamins and minerals might be advised based on your blood test results. Sometimes, supplementation is necessary to address deficiencies caused by dietary choices and nutrient absorption rates.
Through our experience, we've noticed that certain fundamental vitamins like D3 & B12 tend to be lacking in many individuals. For this reason, we generally recommend a basic vitamin supplement stack, but the dosage is personalized based on your blood work.
In essence, while whey protein might not be a must-have, vitamins and minerals could be prescribed based on your unique needs. Our aim is to ensure your health and well-being, tailoring recommendations accordingly. Your supplement plan will be designed to specifically address your requirements and ensure you're on the path to a healthier you.